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 Imagine How Good Youíll Look and Feel When Youíve Lost Some Weight Ė and It Could Even Save Your Life!

Dear Friend Hello, I'm Michael,

As you are here there is every chance you or someone dear to you is overweight and therefore at risk.

Can you honestly say you are the right weight for your build and age?

When you admit to being overweight you have started taking the first steps towards preventing life threatening;

Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease, Cancer, Kidney Disease, Blindness, Gout, Sleep Apnea and Gallbladder Disease.

Scroll down and listen to my personal story of how this affected me!


Please stay with me for a couple of questions that deserve an honest answer.

* Are you sick and tired of feeling sluggish with low energy levels, breathlessness, not sleeping well, lacking some mobility and generally un-happy with your health and appearance?  

* Would you like to find a straightforward simple way to lose some weight and put all of this right?

If you answered yes to either question then consider this special report a Godsend!


Because youíre about to discover how by losing some weight you can eliminate some of the surprising causes of low energy levels... aching limbs and joints... lack of mobility & breathlessness... poor sleep... and whatís more how to start now and soon feel better.

Plus youíll discover the #1 reason most so called solutions donít improve your general health by giving you permanent control over your weight.

Youíll un-cover an amazingly simple way of losing weight to revitalize your life!

And guess what?

It wonít cost you an arm and a leg either...

In the video I explained why I got serious about losing weight, and lost an amazing 3 stones, thatís why in my new guide '101 Practical Weight Loss Tips' I exactly explain how I lost those 3 stones, permanently.

But first Iíd like you to think about your weight in this way

I was around 12 stones when I married.

A gain of 12 to 20 stone is 112 pounds in around 40 years.

A massive 8 stones BUT

This works out at about only 3 pounds a year.

3 pounds each year doesn't seem much but hereís the kicker;

Being overweight is downright dangerous so for you each year, month, day you ignore any slight weight gain you are putting your future health at risk. 

Ask yourself truthfully Ė do you need to start taking action now, today?  

Working out how to lose weight I un-covered many simple facts that are hidden by all of the hype around weight loss.

How some simple ------ yet powerful ------- small lifestyle changes can have an amazing effect on your weight and health.

How I lost 3 stones permanently will work for you too.

I want you to know right now -------- if youíve a weight problem  - large or small Ė worrying you about your health or any other related problems - you can beat it!

Hereís why youíre overweight!

Itís not your fault but youíre most likely eating some of the wrong types of food in the wrong proportions.

You see the world we live in is driving us into these eating habits and away from sensible delicious healthy eating.

Are you surprised? Most people are because too many of us donít know the simple basic choices that are good for us. But when we make the right choices we can control our weight.

You donít have to keep putting weight on, you can get control and keep control.

Does this sound familiar?

Many people decide they need to lose weight, crash into a diet, take some weight off, become bored with the diet food, resume old eating habits and lo; the weight and all of the problems come back. 

The important truth is you first of all need to fully understand the risks that go with being overweight.

Reality to me never really took hold because Ďit couldnít happen to meí. But the honest truth is I wasnít really serious and didnít fully understand the risks.

Donít despair there is a way out of this fix.

I faced the truth when I accepted how ignorant I was where food, eating habits and lifestyle were concerned.

What happened next blew me away.

At 6' 4" tall my self-delusion really had always been that as I am a big man weight was not a major issue.

This is critical.

As I researched I found if you really want to lose weight healthily you must;

Become committed.

Itís no good saying ĒIím going to lose some weightĒ, without having a target to aim for within a specific time. 

My target was to lose 3 stones in twelve months. Remember it took me 40 years to gain 8 stones so getting 3 stones off in 1 year is good going.

It was realistic because I lost those 3 stones permanently.

Here are the three most important things you will need to do now!

1 Decide to lose weight

2 Set your targets

3 Take action Ė start now!

Let me explain.

With the help of my wife we found we had to be prepared to make small changes to our eating habits.

One of the biggest changes was; to control impulses and desires. 

It's probably good to understand some of the many reasons why we put weight on.

Here are a few suggestions;


We don't know what to do.

We make excuses.

We think we need to eat more than we really need.

We think it rude to not eat everything that we are served.

We're greedy.

You will be able to think of many more that apply to you.

BUT understand this, eating won't make you happy, won't stop you being greedy, won't make you understand what you need to do.

Only you can take personal responsibility for your weight.

One of the great benefits of losing weight is when you tell friends what you are trying to do and what your objectives are youíll find they will support you. 

But be careful! Beware of the Ďexpertsí

It seems when you talk about losing weight everyone knows what you should do and theyíre quick to tell you. Even if they are overweight themselves Ė and most of us are!

But hereís the good bit, soon when they notice you are losing weight they will comment on it and you will get a real morale boost, the compliments are great, so stick to your guns.

I did and permanently lost those 3 stones.

And thereís no reason on earth why you canít do it too!

Would you like to: 

       Feel better?

       Feel more confident?

       Feel less stress?

       Look better, slimmer?

and enjoy life to the full?  

Start losing weight the week you begin. 

Now you can because '101 Practical Weight Loss Tips' sets out in simple easy to use terms what I did to lose that massive 3 stones permanently.

You will know you can keep the weight coming off and through your feeling of achievement go on with increasing will power to reach your targets.

Can you visualize a new slimmer fitter you, looking good, feeling great and wearing comfortable clothes?

Health, confidence, mobility and mood all improve!

It can be the same for you. With a positive attitude and desire with realistic goals you will reach your target.

Sleeping better, feeling better, eating better and not being tempted to over eat are amazing benefits as you move in on your targets.

Sometimes you may feel like you have found the "right" program, or that this is exactly the "right" time for success.

How do you start?


The all new '101 Practical Weight Loss Tips' guide is part of a great package weíve put together. 

The complete package is a Free Report you can subscribe for today. Read on to the foot of this page. 

Plus a short introductory series of articles introducing you to weight loss. 

Plus 4 bumper guides including '101 Practical Weight Loss Tips' and they are all just a click away.

Losing weight doesnít have to be chore, select the right delicious foods to enjoy losing weight.

Why did I write '101 practical Weight Loss Tips'?

I was so pleased with what I'd learned and achieved in losing 3 stones quickly and permanently I knew it would help others like you.

What had surprised me was so much is made of losing weight itís a whole industry. Yet the exclusive knowledge I'd discovered had helped me quickly lose 3 stones. It had to follow that others would easily get similar results.

You must enjoy your food!

As I wrote and developed '101 Practical Weight Loss Tips' it was blindingly obvious that if you find your food boring you are going to give up. Thatís why Iíve tried to make this offer attractive. I want you to enjoy losing weight.

1,600 Delicious Healthy Recipes!

I've secured 3 great guides for you containing 1,600 delicious recipes from all around the world that you get free when you make your small investment in your copy of '101 Practical Weight Loss Tips'. 

This is the offer:

My ALL New Guide on How I lost 3 Stones PERMANENTLY!

'101 Practical Weight Loss Tips' - How I lost 3 stones quickly and permanently explained in full so you can do the same - the easy way to a fitter healthier you!


1. Recipes from Around the World: 

Vol. 1 Ė From: France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Russia, 736 pages with approximately 712 delicious recipes.

Vol. 2 Ė From: Africa, Australia, The Caribbean, The Philippines and the Middle East, 506 pages with approximately 490 delicious recipes.

2. Mum's Favorite Family Recipes.

Featuring Salads & Seafood - if you've ever sampled these in the USA you'll know why I've selected them for you; 201 pages, 195 great American recipes,.

3. Delicious Italian Dishes.  

Many years ago my Doctor said that I should follow a more Mediterranean diet - well here it is; 74 pages, 207 recipes of great Italian food.

You will soon agree with me eating delicious healthy food is going to make it easy to enjoy your meals as you start losing those pounds by using all I discovered and explain in '101 Practical Weight Loss Tips'.

Plus - imagine how good it will be to create your own collection of favorite recipes for a life time as you lose weight and  use them as part of your enjoyment of your healthier life.  

Getting started is simple; buy today and open up the whole new world of opportunity to your slimmer future. Looking great, feeling great - as you start to lose weight.

Follow this PROVEN program for 30 days, and you too will have; 

Control over your weight - GUARANTEED!

You don't know me so why should you trust what I say. I understand that. You may be a bit skeptical, I understand that, that's why I'm taking away all of your risk.    

Iím so sure that my guarantee to you is this; if after one month you donít start to see, feel and experience the difference all you have to do is email me for a full refund with no questions asked and you can keep everything.

I can't do anything more than I have done which is tell you truthfully what I discovered in the process of losing 3 stones quickly and permanently. Now it's up to you.

Are you really serious and want to start losing weight right now for a single one off investment of only $17.00?

Not that money is going to be an issue because at only $17.00 what could be better value. The key to losing 3 stones permanently and some truly delicious recipes for you to use as you lose that un-wanted weight.

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It's that simple!

The guides will give you all you need to succeed in losing weight using proven methods.  

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Remember I explained I was once where you are and was shocked into finding my way forward, now itís your turn for success with out the shock! 

Here's to your lighter successful future,

p.s. I'm sorry to be blunt but the only thing to stop you right now is hesitation. Starting to lose that excess weight could not be simpler as you have a totally secure payment facility backed by our 100% guarantee. Your slimmer future is here for you now at no risk.

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